building Engineer


As a building engineer,

you are the unsung hero of sustainability and superior operations. You are the “go-to” in the building and face the demands of tenants while working to prevent operations malfunction. But there are only so many hours in the day. Datakwip puts all your facilities’ information in one place and helps you and your team focus on what matters. It is the missing tool to make your life easier; providing you with specific, clear results.

discover how datakwip works for you

Datakwip + building engineers

Clearly identify areas with energy savings potential

Recognized as the expert in energy management in your building

Closely monitor how well your building is performing and catch issues before they arise

Keep all your building’s data in one place

benefits of real time energy management

Be the energy champion of your company!

Discover the most efficient, straightforward path to decreasing energy spend and enhancing productivity in your building. 

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