Property manager


As a property manager,

you have a lot on your plate day-to-day. Between running operations and ensuring tenant satisfaction, you have a long list of priorities that need to be taken care of. Datakwip is the path to happier tenants and a more efficient facility. The Datakwip platform gives you the peace of mind that tenant comfort is taken care of, and your building is operating at its most efficient state. 

discover how datakwip works for you

Datakwip + Property Management

Have a peace of mind that your building is operating as smoothly + efficiently as possible

Have the most satisfied tenants- less complaints about building comfort due to Datakwip’s tenant first mentality

Attract the best tenants with an energy efficient facility- find study on EE buildings and tenant happiness 

energy efficiency & tenant satisfaction

Be the energy champion of your company!

Discover the most efficient, straightforward way to decrease energy spend in your building while keeping tenants happy. 

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